Durga Chakra Jacket


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black zipper hoodie with the deity Durga and the 7 chakras, as well as the tree of life on the chest ॐ
Durga sits on his back on a stone to symbolize the connection to earth with his hands pointing towards the infinite universe.

Sacred symbols to wear
As the goddess of perfection, Durga is the deity who embodies power, knowledge, action, and wisdom, among other things.
In Tantrism, she is Shakti, the primal female force/energy of the universe.
The chakras are energy centers between our physical and astral bodies. They are connected to each other by energy channels. Each chakra has a specific quality, for example mental clarity, creativity, love, vital power…

Visually, it goes wonderfully with everything that has a psychedelic touch, whether at hippie, Goa or psytrance parties,
but also in everyday life, during yoga or meditation – with this cozy sweatshirt jacket you are sure to attract the eyes of others.

It is unisex, so it is suitable for women and men and has a loose and comfortable cut.

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