All seeing eye Owl Hoodie


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Pastel pink hoodie with a large lunar cycle and owl with all-seeing eye print on the chest. ॐ

Sacred geometry to wear
The owl comes to people as soon as they begin to be interested in their spiritual development and perfection. It helps him to get the right view, to see the truth behind the external appearances and to distinguish the important from the unimportant. It supports you in listening to your inner voice better. The owl power animal strengthens the introspection and sharpens the senses.
The moon symbolizes, among other things, change and shift, the soul, the unconscious, romance and dreaming.
The eye of providence (also all-seeing eye, eye of God or God’s eye) is a symbol that is usually interpreted as the eye of God that sees everything.

This hoodie suits perfectly with everything that has a psychedelic touch, whether at hippie, Goa or psytrance parties,
but also in everyday life, during yoga or meditation – with this cozy sweater you will surely be the eye-catcher.

The sweater is unisex, so it is suitable for women and men and has a loose and cozy cut.

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