Harempants chakra


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unbleached white harem pants made of strong cotton with a soft touch
with the 7 chakras in the colors of the rainbow on the left leg ॐ

Sacred symbols to wear
The chakras are vortices of energy inside and outside our body. They send and receive energy. Each chakra has a certain quality, for example mental clarity, creativity, love, vital power …

The trousers have a pocket on each side and are closed with a zipper and 3 wooden buttons.
In addition, they have 2 straps to tie and so they adapt perfectly to your body shape 🙂

Thanks to the elastic waistband on the ankles, you can also wear them as shorts or 3/4 pants.

Wonderful aladdin pants, perfect for yoga and meditation, but also always an eye-catcher in everyday life or at hippie and psychedelic events like goa- or psytrance parties and festivals ॐ

They are unisex, so they are suitable for women and men and have a loose and comfortable cut!

The same pants are also available in our shop in black.

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