Mandala chakra hoodie white


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white hoodie with a large golden mandala and the 7 chakras in the colors of the rainbow on the back and a golden lotus flower on the chest ॐ

Sacred symbols to wear
The chakras are vortices of energy inside and outside our body. They send and receive energy. Each chakra has a certain quality, for example mental clarity, creativity, love, vital power …
With their symbolism, mandalas communicate directly with the subconscious. They embody deep, inner truths. The circle is the symbol of the soul and the universal whole and supports the centering of consciousness.

Especially in Kundalini Yoga the color white is preferred because it has a positive effect on the individual and collective energy field.

This hoodie fits perfectly with everything that has a psychedelic touch, whether at hippie, Goa or psytrance parties,
but also in everyday life, during yoga or meditation – with this cozy sweater you will surely be the eye-catcher.

The sweater is unisex, so it is suitable for women and men and has a loose and cozy cut.

You can also find the same hoodie in black in our shop 🙂

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