Mushroom Head Hoodie


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black hoodie with “Mushroom Head” print ॐ

At first you could say “nothing but mushrooms in your head” …
but if we take a closer look at this unusual design, we take a look behind the scenes and see the context.

The similarity between the effect of the psychedelic mushrooms that grow through the body, transforming its consciousness and the state of deepest meditation – letting go of the ego, experiencing the here and now in its incredible depth, the calm, the beginning and the end at the same time.
The high-frequency vibration that connects the two with each other, united with the energies of the full moon – it plays an extremely important role in this context, its energies also help us to recognize and take off our masks, to see our real self, free of the mind.

But maybe we just had mushrooms in our heads – this design can have its own meaning for everyone, in any case a feeling of deep relaxation spreads in me the longer I look at it.

Visually, the sweater goes wonderfully with everything that has a psychedelic touch, whether at hippie, Goa or psytrance parties, but also in everyday life – with this cozy sweater you are sure to be seen by others.

The sweater is unisex, so it is suitable for women and men and has a relaxed and comfortable cut.

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