Unalome chakra jacket


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white zipper Hoodie with meditating woman and the 7 chakras on the back and a Unalome on the chest ॐ
It has a hood with 2 bands and 2 bags on the stomach.

Sacred symbols to wear
The chakras are vortices of energy inside and outside our body. They send and receive energy. Each chakra has a certain quality, for example mental clarity, creativity, love, vital power …
The Unalome stands for the path of enlightenment or rather for the entire path of life. Beginning in the middle of the spiral with birth, over the individual curves as sections of our life – with all the uncertainties, confusion and fears. As we deal with all challenges more and more consciously in the course of our lives, the spirals become smaller and smaller and eventually end in a straight line, from that point we have really got to know each other and are approaching our inner wisdom.

This hoodie fits perfectly with everything that has a psychedelic touch, whether at hippie, Goa or psytrance parties,
but also in everyday life, during yoga or meditation – with this cozy sweater you will surely be the eye-catcher.

The sweater is unisex, so it is suitable for women and men and has a loose and cozy cut.

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