Shirt Seed of Life


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Brown t-shirt with grey and cream seed of life on the chest ॐ

Sacred geometry to wear
The seed of life is the preliminary stage to the flower of life and contains the symphony of creation and God’s blueprint for duality, reality, the universe and life itself. Everything in the universe is built on this pattern and everything can be traced back to it.
Wearing this magical symbol has a very positive effect on its wearer and his environment.



Material: 100% cotton
Washable at 40°C

Clothing for every occasion
With our clothes we want to create a connection between the colorful Goa and psychedelic look, the cosiness of the hippie movement and the ethnic style. So you can wear your favorite piece from our shop to festivals and parties as well as in your free time and while doing yoga.

Every single piece is made by us with a lot of love and care.

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