About Gravity shift

About us and our company philosophy

Here you can find a little more information about the background of Gravity Shift.
Gravity Shift is a brand that was founded by a team of young people who have never lost sight of their idealism.

We have a vision – more and more people look behind the faked reality and free themselves from the lies.
The world of tomorrow is becoming more and more dynamic, the vibration is getting higher and higher – what seemed impossible and difficult yesterday is very easy today.

Gravity Shift – a reversal of gravitational force, a pole shift, a paradigm change.

People break the chains that held them to the ground for far too long, leave the old program behind and discover their true potential.
We ourselves have gone through many personal changes and insights, were able to let go of a lot of old things that are no longer proven today.
We were also allowed to take a look behind the scenes of our society and reality and were able to open our eyes to so much more.

All of this flows into our designs – because we love to be able to embody what has shaped us and what defines us.

We have always enjoyed to bring our inner knowledge to the outside world – and thus to help one or the other to gain a wider perspective.
At some point we thought – where better to perpetuate such impressions and inspirations and to carry them out, than as prints on clothing?
People who can identify with our ideas can also carry their inner world outwards and show their colors.

Gravity Shift has been around since 2012 and started as a small shop at PsyTrance, Goa and hippie festivals.
But just as we have continued to develop ourselves, so has our label. Initially inspired by psychedelic festivals, over the years more and more motifs and symbols from the field of spirituality, yoga and meditation have been added.
Gravity Shift continues to develop every day and thus reflects our own current point of view. The team is currently working on many new designs in the field of consciousness expansion and psychonautics.
We also work with various artists and help them literally take their pieces of art out into the world.
Another special feature of Gravity Shift are our “models”, which we do not have in classic sense. We have decided that our product images have to have as much character as the living beings for which we lovingly design them.
That’s why we don’t book professional, perfectly made-up models, but use real photos from our “gravity-shifters” from all over the world 🙂

Clothes make the man – isn’t it nice to use this medium to express your own personality, beliefs and ideas?

We are also currently working on a larger product range – so that in the future you can not only look forward to clothing, but also give your home a very personal flair with many unique objects!

The special thing about our clothes

Most of our range is designed by ourselves.
We design and manufacture the prints ourselves.
There is both a lot of vision and a lot of passion in every part.

So that you can enjoy your favorite pieces for as long as possible, we pay attention to the high quality of our products.
In this way, we also want to contribute our part to sustainability – because we think it is a shame when clothes end up in the garbage after a short time because they are not designed for longevity but for quick consumption.

No matter how beautiful a piece may be – we all know it – if it pinches or you sweat in it – you don’t wear it as often as you would like.
That is why most of our garments are made of breathable cotton and are very comfortable to wear.
The clothes should not only look great, but you should also always feel great in them.

The WRAP-seal

Many of our garments have also been awarded the WRAP seal.
The American WRAP organization is an independent institution for monitoring the defined standards in various production facilities around the world.

Compliance with legal provisions in the producing countries and ethically appropriate treatment of employees is ensured.
Requirements for personnel management, health protection and occupational safety, environmental protection and compliance with national standards for import and export, consumer protection and safety include the established principles that must be met in order to receive the WRAP certificate.

For example, child labor, starvation wages and working conditions that are harmful to the environment and health can be avoided.