Unalome T-Shirt


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Olive green t-shirt with a black ‘Unalome’ on the chest ॐ

The Unalome stands for the path of enlightenment or rather for the entire path of life. Beginning in the middle of the spiral with birth, over the individual curves as sections of our life – with all the uncertainties, confusion and fears. As we deal with all challenges more and more consciously in the course of our lives, the spirals become smaller and smaller and eventually end in a straight line, from that point we have really got to know each other and are approaching our inner wisdom.

With its soft jersey material made of 100% cotton and the relaxed, comfortable cut, it is the ideal shirt for yoga and meditation.


Material: 100% cotton
Washable at 40°C

Clothing for every occasion
With our clothes we want to create a connection between the colorful Goa and psychedelic look, the cosiness of the hippie movement and the ethnic style. So you can wear your favorite piece from our shop to festivals and parties as well as in your free time and while doing yoga.

Every single piece is made by us with a lot of love and care.