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White t-shirt with fractal mushrooms and the saying by Terrence McKenna ॐ
“Only Psychos and Shamans create their own Reality”

What is reality?
Does everyone experience the same reality?
And what are hallucinations, what are dreams?
Questions about questions that expand our minds … Or drive us crazy 😉

We read once – the healers and shamans in our society are all in psychiatry.
This saying is funny and sad at the same time, because in our society any extraordinary perception is classified as pathological – although it could perhaps also be a very valuable gift if it were developed with the right accompaniment.
But who knows for sure?
We just know – the line between genius and insanity, the line between enlightenment and insanity – may be narrow at times.
And maybe in the eye of the beholder.

The quote from Terrence McKenna, one of the most famous consciousness researchers and psychonauts, inspired us to create this t-shirt.
“Only psychos and shamans create their own reality”.

The fractal mushrooms stimulate the imagination and are reminiscent of colorful worlds, far away from everyday perception.



Material: 100% polyester (cotton touch)
Slim fit (tight cut)
Washable at 40°C

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With our clothes we want to create a connection between the colorful Goa and psychedelic look, the cosiness of the hippie movement and the ethnic style. So you can wear your favorite piece from our shop at festivals and parties as well as in your free time.

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