Cup – reality check get lucid


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now and then it is worthwhile to question your reality.
This cup should remind you to pay attention to the small but fine details –
eg. how many fingers you have – in a dream, it is like 4 or even 6.
Ask yourself if you are dreaming! – With a little luck, you wake up and land in a lucid dream.

If you are a passionate lucid dreamer, then you already know that there can be nothing hotter than to dive into a dream in a world that you can design according to your own ideas!
In which you live out all your desires, face your fears and go beyond the limits of the physical world!

Maybe you are just learning to clear your head and are fresh in the world of one-on-one cars – then this mug is just the right reminder for you!
If you want to master the lucid dream, then it is good to be reminded again and again about this topic and to deal with it a lot.
You can do that with a cup of coffee in the morning, or drink a nice tea with dream-inducing herbs before you go on night trips.

Of course, this cup is also a wonderful gift for your dream-loving sweetheart – like your partner, friends or family.

A must have for all lighters and oneironauts <3


Size: diameter 8.2cm x height 9.5cm
Contents: 330 ml / 11 oz
Material: ceramic
Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe

Each cup is designed and printed by ourselves.