Cup – Kein Mensch


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This mug reminds you in the morning with your coffee or tea about who you are and why we are here.

“Ich bin kein Mensch, der eine spirituelle Erfahrung macht. Ich bin ein spirituelles Wesen, das diese menschliche Erfahrung macht”

A deep wisdom that we all once knew, many forgot, but many remembered it slowly.
We are all much more than this simple human shell, or our ego that we like to identify with.
We have chosen exactly this life here as a human to make exactly the experiences that we already experienced
and also those who are still to come.

Is of course also great as a gift for your partner, like-minded friends or another special person in your life =)

The saying is in German! In English it would mean:
“I am not a person who makes a spiritual experience, I am a spiritual being that makes this human experience.”


Size: diameter 8.2cm x height 9.5cm
Contents: 330 ml / 11 oz
Material: ceramic
Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe

Each cup is designed and printed by ourselves.