Cup – Folge deinen Träumen


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Already in the morning while coffee or tea in a magic forest kidnapped and reminded of your magic – that’s a good start to the day!

“Folge deinen Träumen, Sie kennen den Weg”

This spell reminds you of how incredibly important it is to follow your dreams, to trust in the guidance of your higher self, and not to be distracted from others by your path!
Because only then can you be happy from the heart and draw the right people and circumstances into your life.

This mug should remind you or your loved ones.
Of course, it is also wonderful as a gift for your partner, friends or family.
(the saying is in German! in English it would mean:
“Follow your dreams, they know the way”)


Size: diameter 8.2cm x height 9.5cm
Contents: 330 ml / 11 oz
Material: ceramic
Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe

Each cup is designed and printed by ourselves.