Cup – Alles ist Energie


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This mug reminds you to get it right with your coffee or tea in the morning.
Do not just let your drink melt, but Albert Einstein’s quote on your tongue as well:

“Alles ist Energie, gleiche dich der Frequenz der Realität an die du möchtest
und du kreierst diese Realität. Das ist keine Philosophie. Das ist Physik ”

A deep wisdom, which today is increasingly supported by the findings of quantum physics.
A realization with which we can transform our lives as we wish.
By changing our personal vibration, we can simply reprogram our reality, like a computer.
This illustrates the matrix we have chosen as the background for this cup.

Is of course also great as a gift for your partner, like-minded friends or another special person in your life =)

(the saying is in German! in English it would mean:
“Everything is energy, equal to the frequency of the reality you want and you create this reality. This is not a philosophy. That’s physics”)


Size: diameter 8.2cm x height 9.5cm
Contents: 330 ml / 11 oz
Material: ceramic
Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe

Each cup is designed and printed by ourselves.