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T-shirts, tops, ponchos for Goa, hippie, yoga, psychedelic ॐ

In this category you will find t-shirts with our prints such as chakras, planetary systems or the moon.
Tank tops for women with spiritual symbolism such as dream catchers or the tree of life,
In addition, hand-cut fringed tops, colorful tie-dye tops, playful layered shirts and elf-like pointed tops or even cropped ponchos with pointed hoods.

Our range offers a variety of alternative clothing with which you can express your individual personality!
From the colorful Goa and psychedelic look or the geometric ethno, to the enchanting elven style, to the mystical Gothic and Middle Ages – everything is represented.
Many unique self-designed pictures and sayings decorate our sustainably and fairly produced clothes.
Areas such as yoga and meditation, psy and expansion of consciousness, system-critical and vegan issues are discussed here.
We like to use symbols from sacred geometry, the Wicca and Psy scenes and other spiritual motifs to which we feel connected.
In this way you can also stimulate your environment to think and make a statement.
Most of our clothes are as comfortable as a hippie – so that you can wear your favorite item, both at festivals and parties, as well as in your free time and while doing yoga.